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Urimat | Partition Screens | Global Pipe Oü

Partition screens and design element in one

URIMAT uses elegantly shaped urinal partition screens made of Trespa® and ESG security glass. These durable dividers have a smooth surface, good hygiene properties and are extremely robust.

They are also easy to clean.

URIMAT urinal partition screens make a perfect design element.

In your toilet facilities, too.

Urimat | Partition Screens | Global Pipe Oü

URIMAT partition screens
Privacy partition screens and visual protection partitions are being increasingly employed in the sanitary environment.

They are used not only out of hygiene considerations, but, and above all, so as to protect the private sphere.

The decorative surfaces are largely resistant against all common household solvents and chemicals; this is why the material has been employed for many years in areas where cleanliness and hygiene are essential.

They require no care, just cleaning.

Urimat Eraldus Ekraanid - Global Pipe

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