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The world’s most sustainable faucet

- 90% less water consumption

- 100% energy saving due to cold water

- No costs for warm water preparation

- 0% energy consumption costs

- No unpleasant feeling of coldness on the skin due to a special spray technology

- Quick cleaning power

- Swiss technology

Swiss eco Estonia

The most environment friendly Swiss Eco Tap the acqua saver reduces the water consumption by incredible 90%.

The water-jet produces an optimal sensation of cleanliness when washing hands and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.


Swiss Ecoline Tap | Estonia

Public areas

Train stations/airports




Trains, coaches/aircraft


Mobile homes

Where to use?
Swiss Eco | Tap Global Pipe Oü
Swiss Eco Tap spray | Estonia

The Swiss Eco Tap uses 90% less water than a conventional outlet valve, thus protecting the resources and the environment. Several turbulators in the Swiss Eco Tap increase the internal energy of water flow, which is set free by exiting the nozzle.

Water Saving 90% | Estonia
Energy Saving 100% | Estonia

With a very little water volume rate a high cleaning effect is achieved. This creates a very pleasant feeling to the skin.

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