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MB-Active Trap | Urimat | Global Pipe Oü

Urimat MB-ActiveTrap

Patented three-way control.

The cover of the integrated MB-ActiveCube has three settings which regulate the efficiency of the block, thereby controlling its effective service life. 

Integrated MB-ActiveCube

The integrated MB-ActiveCube improves hygiene, reduces deposits and prevents the inside of the odour trap and the waste pipe becoming encrusted with organic matter, urine deposits and fats.

Life Cycle Indicatore

After the MB-ActiveCube has dissolved, the red surface beneath the transparent cover signals that the odour trap has to be replaced. 

Vertically sealing membrane system

The vertical membrane technology guarantees that odours are completely sealed away and is able to withstand both negative and positive pressures. It is impossible for gases from the sewage system to escape.

MB-Active Trap | Global Pipe | Estonia

Functional description

Collected urine is channelled via a funnel into the odour trap and runs through the vertically positioned membrane into the sewage system. As soon as urine stops flowing, the membrane closes and in this way prevents gases from the sewage system from escaping.

Urimat MB-Active Trap | Global Pipe | functional
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